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Older Preschool

This program expands upon and enhances previous skills learned. The activities are geared to prepare your child for Kindergarten or for further education. Daily activities include: small/large group work, computer, art, music, reading, writing, outdoor play, calendar, math, science, and phonics.
Morning Activities:
Free-play, writing or small group activities, outside- play, neighborhood walk, snack, book or puzzle time, circle-time, calendar, activity Time which includes: reading/writing, art, math, computer, small group work, music, art.
Quiet Time
Afternoon Acrivities:
Snack, outside- play, neighborhood walk, planned teacher activities, large motor activities, free-play

  • Respect one another

  • Care for school and personal property

  • Attend to task for 15-20 minutes

  • Write their first name

  • Recognize birthday, address, telephone number

  • Recognize all letters and numbers 1-20

  • Begin to develop sound/symbol correspondence

  • Begin to develop pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math and pre-science concepts

  • Follow 3 step directions

  • Develop individual interests in a variety of center and thematic areas

  • Continue to foster positive self-esteem through art, music, and sport activities