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Older Toddler

   The Older Toddler day includes art, music, reading, movement, group time, math & language, outdoor play, and sometimes cooking. The children work on sharing, cleaning up and toilet training when an interest is shown. The children also take daily walks around the neighborhood or across the street to Long Hill Reservation. Please, also acknowledge this age group loves exploring and the children will get dirty and possibly stained clothes. Please dress them appropriately for the day’s activities.

Morning Activities
    Free-play, snack, circle-time, math & language, music, art, outside-play, neighborhood walk
Lunch & Nap-time

Afternoon Activities
    Snack, outside-play, neighborhood walk, story-time, art, large motor activities, free-play

  • Attending to circle time, stories, songs for 5-10 minutes
  • Begin to be self-sufficient for example (washing hands, getting blankets for nap, pulling pants up and down after toileting, diaper changes)
  • Learning to put toys away, and taking care of school property
  • Enhancing fine motor skills by pouring, cutting with scissors, coloring and working with different textures
  • Learning how to sit and using manners at the table. For some children this will also include drinking from a cup