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This program incorporates free play, group time/activities, math, science, art, music, language, cooking, writing and computer. The children walk or play outside every day, sometimes exploring Long Hill Reservation. All activities are based on themes and enhance the social, emotional, cognitive and developmental stage of each child.
Morning Activities:
Free-play, snack, circle-time, music, art, outside- play, neighborhood walk, teacher directed activities including math & writing
Lunch & Nap-time
Afternoon Activities:
Snack, outside- play, neighborhood walk, story-time, books & puzzles, art, large motor activities, free-play
  • Learn to socialize and share in a group setting
  • Know all colors
  • Know all shapes
  • By mid year be able to recognize and write all upper case letters
  • By mid year be able to write their name
  • Be able to work in a small group setting for 10-15 minutes
  • Develop vocabulary
  • Be able to attend at group time, stories or singing for 15-20 minutes
  • Be able to cut with scissors on a straight line within 1/8 inch of the line
  • Be able to clean up toys without being reminded and put them in appropriate place